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Profiler Plus

Social Science Automation works with clients in government, business, and academia who benefit from the speed and accuracy of automated text analysis. By using the Profiler Plus Text Coding Platform and applying various coding schemes, they are able to answer real world questions for their business or industry. Profiler Plus can help you:
  • Track sentiment in traditional/social media for brands, companies, people, or nations.
  • Make more fully informed decisions about new athletic talent for your team.
  • Use language analysis to evaluate threats.
  • Mitigate risks by tracking and evaluating event data .
  • Understand different cultures and make multi-lingual comparisons about them.
  • Profile leaders of countries, corporations or any other individuals in positions of power.

Profiler Plus is a general purpose text analytics (Natural Language Processing) system that has been refined and extended during more than 10 years of development and use.
  • The system provides fine grained control and complete process transparency to allow for a customized and individualized analysis process.
  • Both single and double-byte languages in Unicode (UTF-8) can be processed.
  • Multi-language models exist for:
    • English
    • Arabic
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Chinese
  • Profiler Plus output data is delivered in flexible and universal formats: TXT, XML, CSV
  • Profiler Plus is available as a Windows desktop program with a graphical user interface, batch processor, Windows component, or web service. To see how it works, register at

Profiler Plus is developed by Social Science Automation, Inc. in partnership with Ravenbrook, Ltd. This technology and subsequent software was borne out of research and application for various government agencies. After ten years of development and support for government, Profiler Plus is now also being used to support broader applications in the areas of media analysis, campaign and election media evaluation, athlete achievement, profiling, and forensic psycholinguistics.

Profiler Plus is implemented in Common Lisp and, in contrast to most statistically-based NLP systems, Profiler Plus is entirely rule-based providing fine grained control and complete process transparency. Profiler Plus performs text analytics in a highly flexible, multiple pass process. Results are then interpreted by our expert analysts and/or imported into such data analysis programs as Microsoft Excel, SPSS and SAS.