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Academic Use of Profiler Plus & WorldView

Both Profiler Plus and WorldView are available at no charge for use in unfunded academic research and funded thesis work conducted as part of a degree program at an accredited college or university under the following License:

Software License Agreement

This is a legal agreement between unnamed user(s) (USER) who choose to download software from this web site and Social Science Automation, Inc (hereafter referred to as “SSA”) located at 4653 Truman Blvd Ste 110, Hilliard OH 43026. Any software or coding schemes available from this web site (hereafter collectively referred to as the "SOFTWARE"), are licensed by SSA to USERS for use only on the terms set forth herein and those displayed by the SOFTWARE upon execution. INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE INDICATES THAT USER ACCEPTS THESE TERMS. IF USER DOES NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS ALL INSTALLERS AND THE EXECUTABLES MUST BE DELETED FROM USER COMPUTERS AND THE INSTALLATION MEDIA DESTROYED OR RETURNED TO SSA.GRANT OF LICENSE.
SSA grants to USER a renewable one-year license for (A) educational use of the SOFTWARE by students of USER on USER's personal computers or on computers provided for USER's use by an accredited academic institution and (B) use of the SOFTWARE for instructional purposes by USER on computers provided for USER use by USER including unfunded research projects conducted by mixed student and faculty research teams.


USER may not:
  • Rent, lease, or transfer the SOFTWARE.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, unencrypt, or create derivative works from the SOFTWARE.
  • Use the SOFTWARE for funded research with the sole exception of funded dissertations or theses.
For funded research at an educational institution or for commercial use, please contact us.

Profiler Plus 5.8.4

This is the reference version for most studies using either Margaret Hermann's Leadership Trait Analysis or Stephen Walker, Mark Schafer and Michael Young's Verbs in Context System for Operational Code. To use this version:
  • Download the Profiler Plus Package for Academics
  • Contact Hanneke Derksen at Syracuse University to obtain a license code, instructions and support for Profiler Plus 5.8.4
Profiler Plus 5.8.4 will work without a license code but it will only process the first ten lines of text in each input file. Using the software this way becomes very tedious very quickly.

File Name Last Updated Download
Profiler Plus 5.8.4 Package for Unfunded Research 10/31/2012 download arrowDownload

Profiler Plus on-line!

We now offer non-commercial and unfunded academic users FREE text analysis services at Over time, our full range of codings schemes will be made available. Visit to register for an account.